our investments

We understand the dynamics of business transformation through acquisitions, consolidations and internal growth. Beyond providing capital and financial acumen, we utilize our depth of resources and passion to drive results to help companies to grow into industry leaders.

G&G Property Investments

G&G is a private real estate investment managment and a portfolio company with holdings in central and south Florida markets.


An easy to use search engine that allows people to find relevant results via a clutter-free and easy to use interface.

Aero bar

At this airline-themed spot on the edge of South Beach, neon meets candlelight. Aerobar consist of 2 rooms each with its own music.

Business Payment Systems

BPS was one of the leading providers of credit and debit card-based payment processing services in the United States until its sale to Unified Payments.

Merchant Capital Advance

MCA invests in small and mid-sized businesses by purchasing a portion of their future credit card sales.


TravelWorm is a leading online provider of casino and leisure travel, as well as event and tour tickets at premiere vacation destinations.